The 5 Second Rule!

The windows are steaming up, your sunnies haze over when you walk outside and the AC is now going full pelt! The UAE summer is here for both you and your dog and walking together now takes on a whole new challenge.

Your 4 legged buddy relies on his or her paws and pads just as we do our feet, unlike us though they don’t wear shoes or slip on some flip flops to pop outside.

Despite what looks like hard soled pads on their feet their paws do take a hammering during the every day life of their furry owner. Not only are they for walking, their pads provide protection, extra cushioning, traction, shock absorption. They protect their joints, provide agility for manouvering over un-even ground and for sprinting at speed and of course limited protection against extreme weather be it extra cold or extra hot.

Their pads are made of a very tough outer layer of skin and fat. This skin is actually the toughest skin of a dog’s body.

So how can we protect our dog’s paws from the UAE summer elements?

The time of day is obviously important, in the months of June to October, it is strongly recommended to walk your dog before sunrise and after sundown. If you are lucky to have access to plenty of shade and/or grass then you are a little less restricted but the golden rule is to keep your dog out of the direct sun. If you don’t have a garden and have to take your dog out for a toilet break in the middle of the day then immediately you are out aim for shaded areas, go from shade to shade, tree to tree, keep off the exposed asphalt as much as possible, your dogs feet will get burnt.

What is the 5 second rule?

To test the ground heat (be it asphalt or sand) for your dog’s paws, place the “back” of your hand on the asphalt/pavement, if it’s too hot for your hand, it’s too hot for your dog’s paws, it’s very simple.

Use the back of your hand! Count to 5, if it’s too hot for your hand then don’t walk your dog on it.

Added tips:

Take a bottle of water with you, not only for drinking but also to pour over your dog’s feet if you get stuck, even better buy a dog drinking bottle available from most reputable pet stores here in the UAE.

Try doggy booties, many people think these are gimmicky but for some they are a life saver and protect your dog’s feet 100%, although experiment with them with your dog inside to make sure he or she is comfortable walking in them before going outside.

Take your dog in the car and go to a more dog friendly, shaded area or grass area for the toilet break in the middle of the day.

If you are not sure when to walk your dog in the summer months give us a call, the above is a basic understanding of when to walk, this information can vary dependant on the breed, age, health etc of your dog.

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