The litter question!

Which litter? With so many choices in UAE shops now it’s hard not to get blown away by the marketing.

Where to start?

Well we can straight away split litter into two categories, clumping and non clumping. This is all about ease of use and whether you are house proud or not. Clumping for the most part doesn’t track through your home on kitty paws whereas non clumping does for some reason, maybe smaller bits get stuck in the fur. Clumping makes life a lot easier when scooping the urine lumps out as the litter scoop can get big lumps out without falling through the scoop and driving you nuts, it also helps bind any loose stools up into manageable lumps to collect. Non clumping tends to last longer as you can just mix a damp bit of litter back in with the dry for use over again, the choice is yours.

What does your cat think?

Silly question you may ask, no it’s not. Cat’s do have preferences and may well let you know too. Does your cat poop on the outside of the tray? Does your cat sit on the very edge of the litter tray and miss and pee goes everywhere, is your cat stressing over bits between his toes? These can be signs that the litter needs a rethink. Crystal litter is often rejected by cats because it hurts their feet or because their owner does not change the litter often enough and the smell is too overpowering to use. Some litters are too fine or hold too much dust this can also put cats off due to their sensitive noses, which can also include litters with added perfume that can also be too overpowering for kitties.

So if your cat is not using the litter tray or is throwing a tantrum over the litter, think twice it maybe time to change the type of litter you are using. Maybe your cat loves the litter so much she sleeps in it, it has been known 🙂

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