Dog kibble or raw food?

With the trend of feeding dogs BARF (Bones and Raw Feeding) we are often asked is it worth a try, our answer is a definite yes!

What would you prefer?

What is a BARF diet all about? Quite simply put feeding your dog raw “red” meat, often muscle and offal as well as crushed bones accompanied with a little veg, raw eggs and a little dairy product. We don’t recommend feeding chicken or any raw bird due to possible salmonella and health risks associated with possible poor refrigeration practices, it’s best to stick to red meat or if you want to include chicken in your dog’s diet, ensure you cook it either by steaming or boiling and keep the juices as an additional scrummy extra.

What are the pro’s to this feeding option for your dog?

Taste and enjoyment, let’s be honest here this must be top of the list, seeing your dog thoroughly enjoying his meals. The satisfaction and flavour can’t be beat for your dog and not to mention the smell beforehand, just amazing! Different meats every day also creates variety and less fussiness in a dog. Wow! Your dog will think he’s gone to heaven. Other positives are the nutritional values within, a chunk of meat holds all natural vitamins and minerals required, no additives required. Fat can be processed so much easier too. Having done our own research it is also a much healthier option as you know exactly what your dog is eating. Commercial dog food/kibble usually contains meat off cuts, by products, additives, aroma enhancers, salt and the dreaded “P” word preservatives to keep a long shelf life.

The con’s you ask, what are the negatives of raw feeding?

We can only think of two, preparation and possible cost. The preparation can be as simple or as complex as you want to make it. Some people go to great lengths and make little patties of minced meat for easier use or for smaller dogs who might struggle to get their muzzle around a bit of steak! 😁 Other owners prefer the simple route by throwing in the dog bowl some cubed meat, handful of mince, crack an egg or top with some cooked vegetables from last night’s dinner and voila the perfect canine meal. There are commercially available raw food suppliers but again the ingredients can include a lot of unnecessary “extras” and cost a fortune. Your “domestic wolf” will do well and get everything he or she needs by keeping it simple. The internet is vast in ideas, options, nutritional value meal plans and tips on how to keep your dog’s diet on form. The price can play a part in decision making but with a bit of shopping around you can buy meat in bulk, we like the family meat packs in Carrefours and for our raw feeding clients at our kennels we order from as a lot of their meat is “hormone free.”

So if you are thinking of going raw with your dog and need help on switching over contact either Neil or Scott in our team and we will support you all the way to giving your dog not only a healthier diet but also the natural way for a dog to eat.

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