Without stating the obvious it goes without saying that you always supervise your dog around water. Whether it’s the sea, a swimming pool or even a kiddy paddling pool on the back patio. Water can bite back and we’re not just talking about drowning in a body of water here. Read on.

With the hot weather it’s easy to see why many people encourage their dog to take a dip and have a little fun. Jumping in and out, catching balls and toys whilst in the water or leaping in after them. This is where you need to take a little more care and to be cautious.

Quite simply put, dry drowning is inhaling water whilst swimming or playing with it which causes excess water to build up in the lungs, making it difficult to breathe. This can drown your dog within hours or even days later.

Symptoms? Your dog may appear in a drunken state. Vomiting and in a dazed and slow state together with difficulty breathing, they may have an irregular heartbeat, their skin and gums may change colour also accompanied by coughing or hacking.

Prevention: Watch your dog carefully whilst in the water, do they seem to be swallowing a lot of water. If they are holding onto a toy whilst swimming are they also taking in water. Do not let your dog constantly dive in and fetch toys from under the water. Choosing a flat rather than round toy in the water is better as their mouth is more closed reducing water intake.

As well as being in water, actual water play can have hidden dangers. Playing with a hose pipe can also pose a risk if your dog is guzzling down lots of water or if they especially like playing with sprinklers. Do supervise this kind of play extra carefully.

If you think your dog is suffering water intoxication go to the vet immediately. Also remember that humans can suffer this too so always keep an eye on little ones too.

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